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About The Lifey Brand

The Lifey Brand began as a quarterly planner aimed at helping people gain clarity through short-term goal setting during the challenging times of the global pandemic. What started as a simple tool has since evolved into a comprehensive brand dedicated to helping individuals find and experience more freedom in their lives. 

At The Lifey Brand, we believe in empowering people to live their best lives by making small, meaningful shifts. Through our suite of products, services, and in-person Lifey events, we aim to inspire and support our community on their journey towards personal freedom and fulfillment.

What's a Lifer?

A Lifer is someone dedicated to creating a path towards personal freedom. Lifers are:


  • Experimenters: They embrace small, calculated risks regularly to find what works best for them.

  • Resilient: They build the resilience and courage needed to face bigger opportunities by stepping out of their comfort zones.

  • Growth-Minded: They understand that trial and error are part of the journey to success and personal fulfillment.

  • Community-Driven: They connect with The Lifey Brand's values and contribute to a supportive community focused on growth and well-being.

What's a Featured Lifer?

A Featured Lifer is someone who has not only pursued their path to freedom but has also experienced significant milestones through their unique modality. They are:

  • Inspirational Figures: Artists, adventurers, or anyone who has achieved a personal triumph and shares their journey.

  • Role Models: Individuals who inspire others by demonstrating the freedom and joy they've found in their lives.

  • Community Leaders: They share their stories with the Lifey community on Instagram and other social media platforms, encouraging others to pursue their own paths to freedom.

The Lifey Brand's Values​


Our Lifey community embraces a set of values that resonate with many. You don't have to live exactly by all these values, but you'll likely find them interwoven into your own life:​

Lifey Values (Instagram Post (Portrait)) (1)_edited.jpg

Support The Lifey Brand

The best way to support us right now is to follow us on Instagram and engage with our inspiring content and spread the word about The Lifey Pulse, our digital magazine that gets distributed in our monthly newsletter that offers a dose of inspiration and updates on upcoming brand events! Subscribe below!​

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