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Meet Megan Smith

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Question: What's a daily routine that you are committed to that helps improve your life?

"This may be an odd one, but I prioritize taking breaks and lots of them. With remote work, I've become a more asynchronous worker. I have my mandatory meetings during the day, but a lot of times I do my best work in the evening to really dig into a project or brainstorm. I make sure to take care of myself throughout the day, with smaller moments to recharge: going outside in the sunshine, running an errand, moving my body somehow, going to a tennis clinic in the evening, and then returning to some work projects later on. I realize that this is a luxury and a privilege to be able to choose my schedule more freely, but it allows me to show up as my best self and give my best thinking to a situation."

Question: What's a goal you have accomplished recently that you are really proud of?

"Last September, I was able to successfully summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. I did train for it as best I could, but a lot of things were not ideal leading up to it. My mom passed away suddenly in San Diego, I had to move the dates of my trip, my previous plan to be in Colorado over the summer to train in altitude did not pan out at all, and it was tough to get the long hikes in with the summer heat. I chose a trip where I did a weeklong safari adventure in more basic accommodations ahead of the big climb, so I wasn't the most rested going into it. I even forgot to take my Diamox (a medicine that helps to prevent altitude sickness) the evening of our summit, as I was too scatterbrained about making sure I had all my clothes/gear situated. Fortunately, I still made it.

I learned a lot about bringing my community into my goal-setting and being vulnerable in sharing my fears and concerns with some trusted friends ahead of time. Normally, I feel worried about letting others know about my goals, because, what if I fail? Instead, knowing that others were in my corner to support me no matter what helped me keep charging towards this big, hairy goal. I also learned to focus on the things you can control, even in small bite-sized pieces, is the best way to move forward towards something big you want to accomplish. Even if something takes you off course, it's still possible to reach your goal by focusing on what you can still do to move towards it. Laying out a perfect plan will never lead to perfect execution, so being able to get back on-track and give your best shot to the next step can be really powerful."

What's a book you are reading or have read that really impacted your life?

"I recently read a book called The Collected Regrets of Clover by Mikki Brammer, about a death doula who cares for people at the very end of their lives. This is a novel, but I learned that "death doulas" are an actual thing. With my mom's passing last year, I've constantly been thinking on what it means to live a true, meaningful, rich life. This book was a beautiful exploration of some of these themes and a reminder that it's never too late to seize the life you want to live, not until you are breathing your last breath."

What's your favorite Lifey Moment?

"Absolutely the Lifey Chattanooga retreat! A very close second is the network of friends/supporters that surround me and are always there to pick me up and remind me who I am through life's ups and downs."

Lifey Freestyle: Tell us about something else going on in your life "Currently, I work as a growth marketing manager for Tecovas (a DTC cowboy boot and western wear company). I love country music and the job has been a fun journey so far with a rapidly-growing company. Marketing is fun, but, my true passions fall into mental health, overall wellness, discovering your strengths/superpowers, leadership development, and living an authentic life. Hoping to one day translate that into a career pivot! In the meantime, I hope to live out those values in my day-to-day experience."

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