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Meet Jesse Coleman

Meet Jesse Coleman. Jesse embodies a motivational approach to life that shines through in all of his endeavors, from educating student athletes at BYU to the mindful practice of daily thought journaling. With a knack for identifying transformative tools, like a calming rain app or insightful podcasts, Jesse is committed to continuous growth and pouring into others.

"Focus on life's journeys and be committed to the process. If you do that, you'll hit your goal."

Featured Lifer Interview with Jesse Coleman:

Jesse, what's a "roadblock" that you run into from time to time, and how do you overcome it?

"The roadblock is actually my own self. At times, I get down on myself and that puts me in a non-productive mood. The best ways that I work through that is thinking about the future I envision building and how close I am to building it."

What's a goal you have accomplished recently that you are really proud of?

"Getting the opportunity to teach the student athletes at BYU. Not only was it a big thing for me personally, but I was also able to pour back to the next generation."

What's a daily routine that you are committed to that helps improve your life?

"Writing down my thoughts. It’s help me keep a positive outlook when I write down whatever is bothering me, it’s like I am cleansing myself of those thoughts."

Do you have any life-changing tools you could recommend?

"It’s funny, but I use the rain app to help calm my mind and to help me focus on task while I’m doing it."

What are you currently listening to or reading?

"For a podcast I’m listening to- Eric Thomas, Ed Mylett, and Jocko Willink. They also have books out right now that I love."

What's your Favorite Lifey Moment?

"Taking a picture with the Lifey journal at Disneyworld with my daughter"

Lifey Freestyle: What is something you've discovered in your journey of life that you would like to share with others?

"I want everybody to remember that it's truly mind over matter. We too often focus on the things we don’t have and a gap that we need to make up that we forget to think about how far we’ve came, and all the things we have gained. Just know That there will be hard times, and the sunshine always comes out after the storm. Focus on life’s journeys and be committed to the process. If you do that you'll hit your goal."

A huge thank you to Jesse Coleman for being our November 2023 Featured Lifer.

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