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Meet Jeremy Parker, Lifey's April 2024 Featured Lifer

Updated: Apr 9

Jeremy Parker: The Lifey Brand's April 2024 Featured Lifer

Meet Jeremy Parker, our April 2024 Featured Lifer! A trailblazer in every sense of the word, Jeremy reflects on his transformative experience through hiking the Appalachian Trail and shares insights into his commitment to his routines and Chattanooga based Real Estate Business.

"I always say, my life started during that journey. Whatever happened before that was just noise, and everything I've done since then and will ever do will be influenced by that journey."

-Jeremy Parker Reflects on his experience Through Hiking The Appalachian Trail

What's a habit that you are committed to that helps you live the life that you are living?

"I would have to say it's my morning exercise routine. Whether it's trail running, lifting, or climbing- exercising in the morning gives me the energy boost I need to be productive throughout the workday."

What's an achievement you're really proud of?

"In 2013, nine months after breaking both bones in my left ankle, I completed a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

I have immense gratitude for the opportunity to be able have done that. It was a perfect combination of my age at the time, the type of job I had, and some travel money that my grandparents left me and my siblings. All these things culminated at the right time for me to actually do it, before I took on a lot more commitments in my life."

How did you handle the commitment and the initial steps of your journey?

"The enormity of the commitment and the unknowns ahead gave me a lot of anxiety. All the planning, the anticipation, the mental and physical preparation were a lot. On my way to the trailhead where you get started in Springer Mountain, Georgia, I felt so anxious that I had to pull off the road to throw up. It was overwhelming, but to answer your question about the initial steps of the journey, you just kind of start walking, literally. I started walking north, and in a matter of hours things started to get easier."

How would you describe your experience?

"I always say, my life started during that journey. Whatever happened before that was just noise, and everything I've done since then and will ever do will be influenced by that journey."

What's an educational piece of content that's impacted your life for the better?

"This is super random, and probably speaks more to the entrepreneurial side of me, but "The Psychology of Money" is about how our behavior and emotions influence our financial decisions. It's made me realize that money decisions are deeply personal, affected by our experiences, feelings, and even how we see the world."

What are you up to these days?

"I own a real estate company called Evergreen Property Group. I help people buy, sell and invest in residential and commercial real estate. Recently the commercial side has really been picking up, and I see myself continuing to being involved in a number of different capacities. I just completed my first flip, have some buy and holds and a lot of mindshare is spent thinking and talking about real estate and the opportunities it affords people. I look forward to doing more in the investment and development space in the future, and see a ton of opportunity in Chattanooga, TN as a whole. "

What do you do with your free time?

"Right now I don't have a lot of free time. I'm currently serving in multiple volunteer leadership roles, and really do enjoy giving back in my free time. I am on the board for the Cumberland Trails Conference and I connect with them frequently to go build new trails throughout middle TN. I also teach a backpacking class at the Lula Lake Trust and for the first time ever, I'm hosting a Chattanooga Trail Running Film Festival in May that I'm really looking forward to. So yeah, lots going on at the moment, but looking forward to prioritizing space for more down time in the coming months."

What's your favorite Lifey Moment?

"Haha- oh man. It has to be the second Lifey Retreat we did in Charleston, SC at Folley Beach. It's funny, because I'm normally not a beach person, but Folley Beach had such an incredible vibe, and I'll never forget renting the golf cart and cruising around the island, and ending up at Bert's local market everyday. That weekend felt like a true reset for me, and I intend to spend a lot more time in Folley Beach in the coming years."

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