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Meet Jayna Swan, Mindset Mentor and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming

"You can rewire your mind to behave unconsciously in a way that supports your goals." -Jayna Swan

Meet Jayna Swan. Jayna is a Mindset Mentor and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and in this Featured Lifer segment, she shares her remarkable journey and what is possible for our lives when we become purposeful about unconsciously aligning our thoughts with our goals.

What's one habit or routine that helps you live the life that you are living?

"Daily movement, either dancing, walking the neighborhood, or going to the gym for a lifting session. I listen to the "Impact Quotes" playlist on YouTube by Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu. It's an anchor that shifts my mindset and drives me to strive for more.

Movement helps me process my emotions and express how I feel healthily. No matter if it's just some freestyle movement to some music or a structured workout in the gym. Emotions are just energy in motion, so moving my body is my way of connecting with those feelings and moving that stuck energy through my body to release it."

What's a recent goal you've achieved that you are proud of?

"I'm excited to announce I am officially a Trainer of NLP for Empowerment Inc.with Dr. Matt James. This is a vision I have held for myself for many years. It's a role utilizing multiple skills I have intentionally built for over a decade. I now get to travel the country while impacting thousands of people's lives worldwide through sharing these tools and teachings.

NLP, which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the study of results and strengthening your mental and emotional mastery. Through it, you can rewire your mind to behave unconsciously in a way that supports your goals. We host events that consist of four days of immersive training, offering both informational learning experiences and interactive exercises."

"You can rewire your mind to behave unconsciously in a way that supports your goals." -Jayna Swan

What's a significant obstacle or challenge you have faced in your life?

"These teachings profoundly changed my life. For ten years, I had been experiencing reoccurring cysts on my vulva. It was an excruciating circumstance that resulted in drainings or a removal surgery seven different times over ten years, from 19 -29 years old. I wasn't sure what the cause was, and I invested years going down all the rabbit holes. Then, I was introduced to Empowerment Inc. and attended their intro NLP event, which teaches communication and personal empowerment skills. I felt a huge shift at the event and decided to go all in. I invested in their advanced training to become an NLP Master Practitioner and experience my personal Breakthrough Session.

I had a cyst drained three days before walking into Master Practitioner, and after releasing all my sexual trauma and unworthiness in my breakthrough session, I have not had another cyst reoccur since. I have now helped walk 24 other people through their own transformational breakthrough sessions and have the honor of teaching these skills at the practitioner events for the company that certified me in the first place back in 2021."

Life-Changing Tool: Is there a specific tool, app, or thing you've found that significantly contributes to your personal development journey?

"My secret life-changing tool is "YouTube University" - let's be honest, I use this as an educational platform daily. It's up to you if you choose to watch educational videos or entertainment-based videos. I found that when I feel my best, it's because I create more than I consume, and what I am consuming is 80% educational."

What's an educational piece of content that's impacted your life for the better?

"Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming with Dr. Matt James and Empowerment Inc. Trainings and Online Learning Platform. The Integrative NLP and Huna app available for both Apple and Android. This was a game-changer for me in how I show up daily."

Jayna Swan: Keynote Corner

"Movement has always been a big part of my journey. If you stop moving, you stop moving. I have found over the years that the more I move my body, the better I feel. So, I am creating an app for women to move with me called HER Embodiment, which stands for Healthy Emotional Regulation. It's a membership app that allows access to a community of women seeking safety and feeling belonging through movement. For those interested in learning more, email me at"

"If you stop moving, you stop moving." -Jayna Swan

Lifey Shoutout:

"Big shoutout to Johnny for bringing Lifey to LIFE! I love having the Lifey planner for myself and my clients. It makes it so much easier to stay on task. I am also grateful to have the Lifey merch. Firstly, the Lifey T-shirt is super soft and comfy. second, it is a constant positive reminder to me to get up and build the Lifey of my dreams."


Thank you, Jayna, for sharing your powerful story with The Lifey Pulse. For those eager to join upcoming NLP events, you can find more information and register for both in-person and online sessions on the NLP Training Schedule.

Additionally, women interested in joining Jayna's journey through the HER Embodiment app she is developing can reach out to her at You can stay connected with Jayna's work as a Mindset Mentor and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming by following her on Instagram @mrs.mindsetmentor and discover more about Empowerment Inc. by following @Empowermentpartnership.

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