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Meet Isabella Pizzino

Meet Isabella. Isabella is a true embodiment of resilience, hard work, and client dedication. From the challenging days of working out of a shed during the global pandemic to owning an award-winning barbershop, her journey exemplifies the power of unwavering client relationships and personal drive.

"I was working out of shed cutting hair and the only thing that kept me from going bankrupt was my clients. "

Roadblock and Resolution: Overcoming Adversity

During Covid I was working in a barbershop that was on the road to many great successes. I truly loved working there and everyday I was there didn’t feel like a job, it felt like a second home. Unfortunately, the shop went upside down in a matter of days, without warning, and I was jobless for a few months. I was working out of aa shed cutting hair and the only thing that kept me from going bankrupt was my clients. I had clients booked for hours a day despite the circumstances. I learned just how important I am to my clients just as they are to me and that’s a bond everyone who works in my industry should experience.

Question: What's a goal you have accomplished recently that you are really proud of?

My barbershop, Legends, won first place of Chattanooga's best of best the second year in a row. I’m very thankful and blessed that I and my barbers have so many amazing clients that want to see us achieve great things. Without them we wouldn’t be here. I am forever grateful for my clients, and my team.

Daily routine that you are committed to that helps improve your life?

Every 1st on the month I write down which bills get paid on certain days, the monthly budget of necessities and fun things I want to do. The last week of the month I put back into savings whatever I have left over. I write down which days are for certain chores, so I don’t overexert myself trying to do it all in one day. This helps keep me disciplined.

Do you have any life-changing tools you could recommend?

I have a book that is writing prompts with daily affirmations. It gets me to think and write about obscure questions that I’ve never thought of. It’s a fun way to stretch your mind.

What's a book you are reading or have read that really impacted your life?

The art of herbal healing by Ava Green is a useful book created to show the readers how to make and consume medical herbs. I like to try to combat my common yearly illnesses with a more holistic approach before I result to western medicine.

Favorite Quote? “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

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