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Meet Kyle Walker

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Lifey Pulse: Featured Lifer, June 2023

Question: What's a daily routine that you are committed to that helps improve your life?

"Cold showers are the longest routine I have and that has been going on since 2017 after I saw a documentary by a man named Wim Hof as he is considered the leader in this space and he explains all the good health science behind it. I couldn't tell you the science behind it but I can share that it has completely changed the way I think about my mind and body being connected. Stepping into the cold shower (which I sometimes do in multiple per day) helps me reframe the current state I am in whether I'm in need of an energy boost, shake the mood, focus alignment, etc. They have opened the doors for more holistic approaches to the way I approach my life from within and towards others. This is one habit I can't imagine not having."

What's a goal you have accomplished recently that you are really proud of?

"A recent bucket list checked off was eating at a Massimo Buttora restarant (Osteria Gucci) in Florence, Italy. He is considered a top 50 chef in the world and the chosen 9-course with wine pairing proved every bit of it. With that said, I first learned of him in a documentary named "Taste of Life" where he takes tons of food waste from major events and turns it into "chef-made" meals for those in need. This same model is now done all over the world. I am lucky to have the ability to eat anywhere in the world but to do so at a place where the creator gives back to so many is why his place was on my bucket list."

What's a book you are reading or have read that really impacted your life?

"The Beach by British author Alex Garland is a fiction book I read over twenty years ago. For me, the book was about leaving my comforts and taking chances on wild adventures in places that might bring me initial uncomfort while creating a community of different thinkers. To this day, I am still seeking adventures in outside places while making connections of all walks in life."

What's your favorite Lifey Moment?

"One of many favorite Lifey moments was on the first ever Lifey Retreat where I got to spend a week with all the original members while hiking, connecting and doing life in "ChattyNugs" Chattanooga, TN. I made so many life bonds on that trip and still connect with all of them to this day!"

Lifey Freestyle: Tell us about something else going on in your life

"I recently got licensed with a global program to help organizations with staff/employment retention, conflict resolution and communication strategies. It's always been a passion to figure out how we all can become better connected through different strategies and teach other better ways to communicate.

Also, I love meeting others in our Lifey Community to chat about life, collaboration and all the things- so regardless of whether we have met before or not- please, feel free to reach out to me to connect!"

Kyle Walker

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