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Elevate Your Game: The Secret Sauce of Learning from High-Flyers

The Secret Sauce of Learning from High Flyers, the Lifey Pulse's Featured Article. Relationships may be the best educational system available to us!

In this Featured Lifey Pulse Article, we are focusing on the education that can be derived when you purposefully immerse yourself along high-level company. While traditional education often revolves around books and classrooms, what would it look like if we each viewed relationships as one of the top educational systems available to us? In the following list, you'll discover eleven principles you can adopt to be purposeful about accelerating your growth through relationships.

Principles to Level-up through the Power of High-Level Company

  • Success Attracts Success: Surround yourself with people who are also on their success journeys to form a positive, mutually beneficial bond rooted in educating each other on your respective journeys and holding each other accountable to the goals that you each have. Mastermind groups can be an effective way to surround yourself with other people on their success journeys.

  • Find Your People: Find the people that believe in YOU who can serve as support system for you in your journey. Surrounding yourself with people who see you, understand you and what your vision is, is powerful, and the real education comes from you being able to share your vision with them and get feedback and bounce new ideas off of them without the fear of judgement.

  • Be Mindful of Diminishers: When you're first starting out, be mindful of surrounding yourself with people who drain your energy with unnecessary pessimism towards the vision your casting. If we are not purposeful about creating boundaries from diminishers, we can unintentionally become derailed from the path that we need to be on. At a later stage in your success, encountering more negative people can actually be valuable to help challenge you to grow even more, but when you are just starting off, be careful of the paralyzing effects negativity can have on you.

  • Be Strategic with Your Network: Your network determines your net worth, so be intentional about which networking groups you join and seek out networking events that align to the education you are looking to receive. Networking is a powerful way to learn from like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights that can propel you forward on your journey.

  • Real-Life Mentors Matter: Seek guidance from those who have already achieved your desired goals. Their insights can accelerate your journey and provide practical wisdom that can't be found in textbooks.

  • Embrace Diversity: Enrich your education by welcoming diverse individuals and perspectives into your circle. While your viewpoints may differ, diverse insights offer invaluable contributions to cultivating a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of your journey.

  • Prioritize Face-to-Face Connections: Opt for in-person interactions over phone calls or texts whenever possible. Genuine connections foster deeper insights and your interactions will provide you with an opportunity to advance your emotional intelligence in a way that texts and phone calls can't. If meeting in person isn't feasible, utilize platforms like Zoom as a viable alternative.

  • Observe Others Successes: Acknowledge the dedication and hard work behind other people's success stories. Books, podcasts and documentaries can be a great way to gain access to education with people we are not able to have real in-person relationships with. Also, remember that the public recognition that they are currently receiving is most likely due to years of hard work behind-the-scenes, teaching us the importance of perseverance and dedication.

  • Learn from Everyone: Embrace the idea that everyone has something to teach you, regardless of their background or status. By being open to learning from everyone, you gain a diverse and multifaceted education that enriches your perspective.

  • Never Stop Learning: Surround yourself with intellectually stimulating individuals who offer diverse perspectives and insights tailored to your journey. By assuming the role of an attentive observer and delving into their experiences, you gain access to an unparalleled education beyond the confines of textbooks.

  • Regularly Evaluate Your Circle: Ensure your inner circle reflects your aspirations. Within the Lifey Planner framework, we encourage Lifers to evaluate the five people they spend the most time on a quarterly basis, so they can be extremely purposeful about who they surround themselves with to ensure they are getting the exact education that they need.

And with that, we have successfully looked into the various ways we can accelerate our education when we become purposeful about immersing ourselves with high-level company. While traditional education often centers around books and classrooms, being aware of the education we can gain through relationships unveils a new layer of boundless opportunities for growth and insight.

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