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AUSTIN, TX - "dear," the new non-alcoholic drinkery in East Austin, has quickly caught the city's attention since its opening on August 26th. Beyond its unique beverage offerings, the establishment is going a step further with their bottle shop concept, announcing a collaboration with The Lifey Brand, on Instagram on Saturday:

Lifey Planners prominently showcased in dear's non-alcoholic bottle shop.

"New Product Alert! We now have a table dedicated to our favorite planners created by @thelifeybrand. Whether you're keeping track of your sobriety goals, self-care habits, or new business ideas, we love how these planners help you turn ideas into action. Filled with exercises, tools, and gratitude lists, these planners are great for getting focused and ready for what's ahead.'

Our new table is dedicated to @thelifeybrand planners. They're a perfect match for those tracking sobriety goals, self-care routines, or new ventures. It’s all about turning intentions into action."

With growing interest in mindful drinking and sobriety, dear fills a much needed niche in the Austin market, offering residents an alternative space to come experience genuine connection, without alcohol.

Beyond brand partnerships, dear has a vision to use their eclectic and cozy space to host events- ranging from intimate dinner parties to corporate happy hours and wellness events. For those looking to experience dear firsthand and pick up a Lifey Planner of their own, visit to their dry bottle shop at 2226 East Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX. As the team behind dear likes to put it, it's all about creating moments that are truly dear to you.

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